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The Achievement Unlocked sound PDF Print E-mail
Written by keung   
Tuesday, 11 November 2008 16:35

Download and confuse your friends and pets and whatnot with the original Xbox 360 achievement unlocked sound!

Achievement Unlocked - Download the sound

Ok, this is most likely old news for most of you guys. Actually, it is old news. But I see the relevancy to this site (it's not that hard, is it?), and I thought my debut as a blogging artist could be a small post about the delightful sound we all love to hear.

I have personally been using it as the sound my mobile phone makes when I receive a text message, and quite frankly, it has spawned some confusing moments while playing on my Xbox. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the sound, and I actually can't get enough of it!

You can get the sound from Major Nelson's website and it's available in both MP3 format and WMA format. What are you waiting for?

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