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Home Medium achievements Sniper: Ghost Warrior
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Written by mortug   

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Available Gamerscore
City Interactive
City Interactive
1000 / 24 achievements
Welcome to Sniper: Ghost Warrior!
First thing I would like to point out, is that this game really belongs in the Easy category, but since the game is skill based, I put it in Medium.
So, back to the game itself. It's a mediocre, unpolished low bugdet FPS game. The concept is cool, but I think the programmers ran out of time. Too bad actually, cause it could have been so much more!
If you're used to the Call of Duty series, you will handle the gameplay with ease. The controls are the same, and the difficulty is, well, easy on the hardest setting.
I could not stress enough how important it is to collect all the secrets in one go. Why? When you check your secrets list, and how they organize it, you'll understand. Follow the video guides and you should do ok.
All in all, you should nest the offline achievements in 4-5 hours. The multiplayer ones are a bit harder, but follow the guide and you should be able to get them in a total of 17 hours approx.
Now, go get those achievements!
Sniper Expert Sniper Expert 30G

Deliver 50 headshots.

Refer to Sniper Master.

Sniper Master Sniper Master 60G

Deliver 100 Headshots.

This will come naturally during gameplay. Pressing your left stick will go into concentration mode, and will make aiming easier.
Any headshot counts. Sniper, gun or machinegun. Mine unlocked when I used my machinegun.

Rookie Rookie 10G

Finish the game on Easy difficulty

Refer to General.

Captain Captain 30G

Finish the game on Normal difficulty

Refer to General.

General General 60G

Finish the game on Hard difficulty.

My advice is to play the game on the hardest difficulty on your first playthrough, as the difficulty achievements stack.
Like any other FPS game, be stealthy and never rush around covers. This game is pretty easy. If you are used to playing the Call of Duty games on Veteran, this will be a walk in the park.

Act I Act I 10G

Complete Act I.

Simply play through the game.

Act II Act II 20G

Complete Act II.

Simply play through the game.

Act III Act III 30G

Complete Act III.

Simply play through the game.

Act IV Act IV 40G

Complete Act IV.

Simply play through the game.

Seeker Seeker 50G

Collect all secrets.

Use these video guides:

You Have to Focus You Have to Focus 40G

Kill 15 enemies using concentration mode.

Press your left stick to go into concentration mode. This achievement will come natural as you will use this mode often.

Through the Wall Through the Wall 30G

Shoot an enemy through a wall.

Enemies will often hide behind wooden walls. Simply aim and shoot. An easy way is to kill enemies up in the towers. Shoot through the planks.

Flying Knives Flying Knives 30G

Kill 10 enemies with throwing knives.

Best done on enemies you sneak up on from behind. Press up on D-pad to equip your knife and throw.

Heavy Fire Heavy Fire 30G

Kill a total of 30 enemies with Browning Gun.

Easiest done in "A Simple Rendezvous". You will come to a point where you are in a trench up on a hill, and enemies swarm up on you from below.
The kills accumulates, so it doesn't matter if you are killed.

One package, Two receivers One package, Two receivers 40G

Kill 2 enemies with one grenade.

You throw grenades with RB. This achievement depends on luck. Half the time in the game you aren't even equipped with grenades. Once you go artillery, sit out until you see two enemies get close together, and throw a grenade at them. I did this one on "Take Down The Rigs", as the enemies spawn close to eachother.

One shot, Two kills One shot, Two kills 50G

Kill 2 enemies with one shot.

Will most likely come natural during playthrough. I did this on the first mission. When told to hide in the bushes and wait for the two enemy soldiers to pass, simply aim at them and they will line up for you to kill them with one shot.

The Protector of Pontoon The Protector of Pontoon 60G

Kill all enemies attacking your pontoon from the riverside on "Weaken The Regime" level.

This one is alot more simple than it sounds. There aren't many enemies coming. Use concentration mode and take them out one by one.

Close Range Close Range 40G

Kill 250 people using pistol. (Multiplayer)

Refer to Supplier of the Death.

Hold Your Breath Hold Your Breath 50G

Kill 250 people using sniper rifle. (Multiplayer)

Refer to Supplier of the Death.

Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 60G

Kill 500 people using sniper rifle. (Multiplayer)

Refer to Supplier of the Death.

Supplier of the Death Supplier of the Death 90G

Kill 2000 people. (Multiplayer)

When working on this achievement, you can first use your pistol to get 250 kills. Then only use sniper to get 250 and 500 kills.
The best way to do this is to be 4 people doing a boosting party. One host the game with the settings: Ranked match, V.I.P., Camp (map). The other players will search for a custom game with these settings.
Everybody runs to the road and each player gets a 5 minute round of killing spree. Rinse and repeat.
Every round should accumulate at least 40 kills per person, so this will require a lot of boosting. Good luck!

Laurel Wreath Laurel Wreath 100G

Win 50 rounds playing online. (Multiplayer)

There are 4 ways to do this.

1. Play ranked team matches and be on the winning team
2. Play ranked matches and be the one with most points.
3. Plan this when working on Supplier of the Death, and let your boosting partners give you the most points (headshots) and vice versa.
4. An unetchical way to do this. Set up a 4 player match with a friend. If you and your friend end up on different teams, one of you will let yourself be an easy target and get killed, giving your friend's team winning points. If you end up on the same team, simply win :P

Fallen Eagle Fallen Eagle 20G

10 Birds killed.

This is easiest to do during training grounds. There will be birds flying everywhere.
There have been reports of this achievement being glitched. If it doesn't unlock, there is nothing you can do about it at this time. No patchfix is out.

Electrician Electrician 20G

Shoot 5 cable lines using sniper rifle.

In the missions "On Your Own", there will be a bunch of cables for you to shoot at.

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